10 Things to do in Barbados

Barbados, when you think of this island you think of pristine beaches, turquoise, crystal clear water and the best rum punch in the world! This is all true of this majestic coral island in the Caribbean. It is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands and sits out by itself between the Caribbean sea (on the west) and the Atlantic Ocean (on the east). With such a location comes stunning features to the island with jagged rocks along the east coast to the most beautiful calm Caribbean sea on the west – this island is diverse and offers something for every type of traveler – from foodies to adventurers to couples seeking complete and utter relaxation!

1. Sunsets

Caribbean sunsets over the sea are like no other! There are so many beaches on the island to take in the stunning views of the sun setting over the sea. The colours are majestic and you feel like you are experiencing true magic while relaxing taking it all in! A sunset stroll along the beach is so romantic and the perfect way to end your day on this island! Top recommendations are Accra beach on the south coast where you can join the boardwalk, walk along the coastline and at the end take in the sunset!

2. Beach days

There are an endless number of truly stunning beaches on this island! One of our all time favourites is the Crane Beach on the South east of the island. This is a world famous beach and has featured in Conde Nast publications and been voted the number one beach in the world – a must visit! Get your camera out and strike a pose!

3. Catamaran Cruise

This is a must! There are a number of cruise options depending on if you would like a party vibe or a more relaxed day with a smaller group. There are also private cruise options too, catering to your preference. Generally the cruises last about five hours, you are taken to a dive spot in Carlisle bay where there is a shipwreck and an abundance of fish and the opportunity too swim with turtles! This is an amazing experience and there are trained staff on board for anyone nervous in the water. Then sail along the west coast of the island, enjoy lunch and relax in the water before sailing back to Bridgetown.

Each Friday and Saturday night hundreds of locals and visitors flock to Oistins for the Fish-Fry, an opportunity to enjoy the very best local food – fried and grilled fish, fish cakes, sweet potato, macaroni pie, and coleslaw

4. Oistins Fish Fry

The Caribbean is famous for it’s fish fry on Friday nights and Oistins does not disappoint! Located on the South coast – the atmosphere here is electric! Take the bus for added fun and enjoy the day’s fresh catch cooked to your liking! If you go to the middle of the market some of the best stands offer gorgeous lobster, Flying fish,Tuna, Mahi Mahi cooked to perfection! There are tables lined along the centre and you can enjoy your food with locals and tourists all while taking in live music with dancers circling the tables allowing you to really FEEL the beat of this amazing island!

5. Bathsheba

On the east coast of the island is Bathsheba – this stretch of beach features on most postcards of Barbados. The rugged coastline of the Atlantic Ocean has created a dramatic coastline making this a gorgeous backdrop for pictures of your trip. Take a picnic, relax and enjoy the sea breeze and sound of the waves here while watching surfers catching waves.

6. Huntes Gardens

An incredible tropical garden in Barbados, you can walk the entire garden taking in the most beautiful flowers and trees while finding nooks with seating areas to relax and enjoy the gardens peacefully! If you are lucky enough you may get a personal tour and then relax in the main house with a rum punch and hear wonderful stories of Barbados!

6. St Nicholas’ Abbey

Built in 1658 this Plantation House is filled with history. The tour allows you to really feel like you are stepping back in time, there are so many original features and décor pieces within the main house. There are gorgeous gardens, a forest and cafe as well as the newly introduced railway with the only operating train in Barbados – this is a must!

7. Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave is located under the cliffs at North Point, on the north of the island! It gets its name from the sea anemone which the locals call animal flower. This is a sea cave first discovered in 1780 – it stands six feet high and is entranced through a coral staircase built in 1912. The cave itself offers rare views and a window to the ocean which is amazing to see. There are fantastic guided tours of the cave and breathtaking views from the cliffs allowing you to really appreciate nature and the power of the sea. Also there is a gorgeous restaurant here which you should visit and enjoy lunch, a glass of vino and some of the best views on the island!

8. Mount Gay Distillery Tour

Barbados is the home of Rum and Mount Gay is the islands top rum! It is a given on this island that people enjoy rum and while you vacation here you will more than likely have a number of rum punches! Everyone has their own rum punch recipes and some are sweeter if you catch our drift! At Mount Gay Distillery you are greeted with a rum punch, they offer interactive, fun tours every hour and at the end you get to taste their top rum!

9. Rihanna Drive

Barbados is home to International Superstar Rihanna, visit where she grew up on the newly named Rihanna Drive!

10. Harrisons Cave

Take a completely different perspepctive on the island by delving deep underground in Harrisons Cave. This is a fantastic way to appreciate the geography and history of the island and you get to board a cute train that drives you through cathedral tunnels and nooks taking you deep into the heart of this cave. We recommend you make a day of it and enjoy the Gully around the cave which has beautiful flowers and tress all around!

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