When you think of a Caribbean beach wedding you think of pristine white sand, turquoise waters and views to die for! Beach Weddings are so romantic and such a beautiful way to say your vows! When you are planning a beach wedding there are a number of things to consider. Here are some helpful hints and tips to incorporate into your big day!

Plan your attire!

Ditch the big dress: Beach Weddings evoke a laid back boho vibe, so a black tie affair would not be suitable. That gorgeous princess dress may not work if you are walking down a sandy aisle either.

Think of light fabrics: Choose the right fabric for your dress – lace is stunning but can be act as a sand collector, Sheer fabrics will work well like silk or chiffon.

Rethink the veil: While a veil is gorgeous it may not be appropriate in a sea breeze. Instead choose a fascinator or a floral crown

Groom: Let the groom and groomsmen go casual,.Linen or cotton trousers with shirts and a bow tie look great for a beach wedding!

Footwear: A beach wedding won’t suit those gorgeous five-inch Jimmy Choo shoes you love! Choose to go barefoot or wear sandals. Also think about your guests, a basket of flip flops at the entrance is also a welcome extra touch!


Location: While a beach wedding is stunning, you want to ensure that where your ceremony takes place is private. Work with your planner to ensure you have privacy during the ceremony – a public beach with a private area cordoned off for you and your guests will work.

Decor: Allow the natural beauty of the location to shine. Choose your colour palette to suit the natural environment. You can add a pop of colour to the location like corals, greens etc.

Wedding Favour: Remember guests will be warm during the ceremony so a nice favour on the day is a fan on each chair at the ceremony. These can be personalised with a note from the bride and groom.

Author: Caribbean Confetti

The essential guide for weddings in the Caribbean

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