A Classic Beach Wedding never goes out of style, it is what the Caribbean is renowned for! There are a number of ways to make this classic wedding to suit your own style. Here we take you through the key features for your big day!

Decor Let nature shine and keep the colour scheme classic with white florals like orchids, roses and peonies mixed with greenery and driftwood for an interesting coastal look!Line the aisle with bouquets of flowers, which you could choose to put in rum barrels for a very authentic, local vibe!

If your budget for flowers is small use pampas grass to create a big impact – mix this with greenery for a dramatic feature which you can choose to have on the ground or in a floral arch!

Bridegroom Style As it is a beach wedding keep your fashion choices relaxed and comfortable – choose a dress that allow you to move easily and freely. For the groom if a suit is the only choice navy is perfection, or wear a sports jacket and chinos for a relaxed beach vibe – don’t forget the pocket square, it is your wedding day after all!

Venue Here you can be a little more formal, keep your flowers simple with white stems and greenery, the same as your ceremony. However play with the beach theme and introduce coloured stemware, candles and vases on the tables. This will create a gorgeous vibe at the venue and be a beautiful set up for your meal. Do mix round and long tables if the space allows! For the meal work with your chef to create a gorgeous local seafood element with canapes or as part of your dinner courses.

At the Bar keep the set up simple with a floral bouquet (consider using the florals from your ceremony here), add some coconuts and conch shells for an authentic Caribbean feel! Serve cute champagne cocktails with fruit flavoured ice pops to cool everyone down after being in the sunshine!

Author: Caribbean Confetti

The essential guide for weddings in the Caribbean

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