How to choose the perfect Wedding Venue

We cannot stress the importance of choosing the right wedding venue for you – this should be top of your wedding to-do list! The venue will dictate your entire celebration from the size of the wedding, the menu, the dress basically everything!! This is the most important decision you will make for your big day! Here are our pros and cons for the different types of wedding venues to choose from.

Hotel Wedding Venue

There are many reasons why a hotel wedding is still a very popular choice in the Caribbean. A lot of couples opt for this venue as it is convenient, reliable and in many cases right on the beach! Hotel Venues are perfect for destination weddings as guests can check in for the duration of their stay on the island and everything is to hand!


  • Package Deals: Hotels that cater for lots of weddings usually offer competitive packages, making budgeting so much easier
  • In-house wedding coordinator: Someone to take care of the finer details for your big day
  • Trust: A respected venue with a great reputation means that you can be confident in your choice
  • Accommodation: It’s available on site for most, if not all, of your guests
  • Recommendations: Most venues can provide recommendations for trusted suppliers
  • Boutique Hotel: Choose a boutique hotel to ensure a more personal and unique celebration


  • Less flexibility: You will probably be restricted in your choice of décor, food, wine, etc, and have less time to prepare the room and decorate
  • Packages: These can be expensive and extras can really add up
  • Same old, same old: Hotel function rooms can be bland, so more effort is required to make it personal and modern
  • Supplier restrictions: Some venues insist on couples only using certain suppliers
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Exclusive Hire Wedding Venue

An increasingly popular choice among couples is the exclusive hire venue, which works really well for those planning a formal(ish) dinner and dancing-style wedding, but who don’t want a hotel venue. Here in the Caribbean, you can choose to have your ceremony at the venue or instead choose the beach or a chapel in the area.


  • Privacy: As you are the only group of guests, you’ll have all the intimacy of a private event
  • Wow Factor: Private venues are often beautiful and unusual places with true character
  • Personal touch: A private venue is usually operated by the owner directly, so you have a much more personal relationship with the place and people.
  • Theme: A private venue means that you can work with your Wedding Planner to bring your dreams to life


  • Planning: Private parties involve more coordination of suppliers therefore you will need to work with your planner to ensure the right look comes together
  • Restrictions: An exclusive hire wedding venue is someone else’s property and often their home, so you don’t always have the complete run of the place

Restaurant Venue

There are magnificent restaurants all over the Caribbean to choose from. This option is perfect for an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends. This is a great option for a foodie couple looking looking for an intimate celebration of their love.


  • The Food: Your guests will thank you for this one!
  • Atmosphere: The atmosphere is usually more intimate and laid-back
  • Decor: Choosing a beautiful restaurant means wedding décor can be kept to a minimum
  • Wider range of options: More and more restaurants are offering weddings as a service


  • Early Night: Late licences can be trickier for restaurants
  • No Dance Floor: Space for dancing could be restricted or not available at all
  • Ceremony: A separate ceremony venue is usually necessary


Author: Caribbean Confetti

The essential guide for weddings in the Caribbean

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