10 Things to do in Barbados

Barbados, when you think of this island you think of pristine beaches, turquoise, crystal clear water and the best rum punch in the world! This is all true of this majestic coral island in the Caribbean. It is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands and sits out by itself between the Caribbean sea (on the west) and the Atlantic Ocean (on the east). With such a location comes stunning features to the island with jagged rocks along the east coast to the most beautiful calm Caribbean sea on the west – this island is diverse and offers something for every type of traveler – from foodies to adventurers to couples seeking complete and utter relaxation!

1. Sunsets

Caribbean sunsets over the sea are like no other! There are so many beaches on the island to take in the stunning views of the sun setting over the sea. The colours are majestic and you feel like you are experiencing true magic while relaxing taking it all in! A sunset stroll along the beach is so romantic and the perfect way to end your day on this island! Top recommendations are Accra beach on the south coast where you can join the boardwalk, walk along the coastline and at the end take in the sunset!

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