Clifton Hall Great House is a truly special venue in Barbados and one that is steeped in history. Situated on the East Coast of Barbados in the Parish of St John, this stately home was originally built in 1656. The first known owner of the house was Ferdinand Paleologus, a direct descendent of Constantine, the last Greek Emperor. This stately home was left to ruins until recently when the new owners bought and completely restored the venue over six years!

This historic Bajan Plantation has been meticulously renovated with every aspect of the house and three acre gardens being tended to with exceptional attention to detail. The original historical character was retained while offering more contemporary elements like comfortable family areas to bring this home into modern day living. The beautifully furnished five-bedroom mansion has three wings—the stunning Caribbean Georgian structure which was renovated in the late 18th/early 19th century together with the two original medieval-style wings that date back to the mid-1600’s.


Tips for the perfect wedding dress shopping experience

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This is one of the most exciting times in a brides life, whether you have been dreaming of this since you were a little girl or it is the next item on the to-do list, here are our top tips to make the experience as seamless as possible!

SET YOUR BUDGET Decide early on your budget for the dress, ensure when you are researching and shopping that the dresses you try on are within your budget! Don’t forget to factor in alteration costs to this as generally speaking most brides need alterations made to their dress before the big day!

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How to choose the perfect Wedding Venue

We cannot stress the importance of choosing the right wedding venue for you – this should be top of your wedding to-do list! The venue will dictate your entire celebration from the size of the wedding, the menu, the dress basically everything!! This is the most important decision you will make for your big day! Here are our pros and cons for the different types of wedding venues to choose from.

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